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Do you need heat pump repair and/or maintenance here in the Crown Point, IN area? If so you're in the right place, MN Heating and Air are heating and cooling system repair experts. We service all types of HVAC systems, and all sorts of central heat pumps. If you're in the market for a new heat pump installation, we feature systems from the Bosch IDS 2.0 line. But our certified technicians have the experience to maintain and repair any heat pump model you may have at your residence or business.

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If your heat pump system is malfunctioning, or not working at all that's a problem. But there's hope, we offer emergency heat pump repairs for both residential and commercial applications around the clock. Our top-rated, licensed and insured AC techs offer full heat pump service regardless of the brand. Heat pump heating or cooling problems are often caused by improper installation or maintenance. Some of the most common heat pump repair issues we see include:

Installation Issues:

  • Improper Equipment Sizing:
    • If the system is undersized, in extreme weather interior temperatures will not be able to maintained.
    • More commonly, if a system short cycling without proper dehumidification in cooling mode it is probably too big.
  • Improper Ductwork: If duct systems are not properly sized areas can be too cool leaving other rooms that are too hot.
  • Condensate Problems: Water accumulating below your air handler because of an improperly designed drain connection.
  • Outdoor unit icing problems: In heating mode, the outdoor unit should be free of snow or ice. If the outdoor unit accumulates ice or snow around it base it will cause capacity problems or system failures.
  • Refrigerant Leaks: Heat pump is not turning on or not cooling or heating properly.
  • Thermostat not working properly: Improper programming or wiring problems.

Deteriorated Performance Due to Deferred Maintenance:

  • Dirty Filters, Obstructed Indoor Coil, or Obstructed Grill or Registers: Indoor coil or refrigerant lines covered with heavy frost or ice during cooling often indicate inadequate airflow.
  • Obstructed or Clogged Outdoor Coils: Low system capacity and not cooling properly.

Age Related Component Failures:

  • Breaker Trips: Breaker to the outdoor has unit tripped more than once potentially indicating improper wiring or potential compressor, fan motor, or capacitor failures.
  • Fan or Blower Motors: A persistent vibration or odd noise with the outdoor or indoor unit
  • Unusual Odors: Near the outdoor unit, or coming from the ductwork outlets.

After running through the checklist, if your heat pump system still shows no sign of proper functioning it's time to give us a call for service. We'll send out one of our certified heating technicians to give your heat pump a comprehensive service and repair check. We value transparency, and so if we find that it would make more sense to replace the system, we'll work with you every step of the way to find the best replacement heat pump from Armstrong Air.



You know we're there for you when you need service or emergency repair for your residential or commercial central heat pump system, but were also there for your routine maintenance needs. Performing routine scheduled maintenance on your home's comfort systems is essential to their well being and operation efficiency.

At MN Heating and Cooling here in Crown Point, IN we offer our customers pre-seasonal tune-up services for your central heat pump system. Our typical central heat pump tune up may include: Inspect the entire system inside and out, and test heap pump operation prior to service and document any specific service issues.

  • Inspect the refrigerant lines and the insulation of the refrigerant lines. Ensure that refrigerant lines are properly secured.
  • Ensure the outdoor unit is level and draining properly.
  • Examine the outdoor unit blower.
  • Inspect the outdoor unit coil for damage or anything that might obstruct airflow and clean as necessary.
  • Check indoor unit(s) to ensure they are level and secure
  • Inspect the indoor units and filters for dirt or debris and clean as necessary. Replace disposal air filters with new quality replacements.
  • Examine the system ductwork. Make sure that ductwork is properly sealed and secure.
  • Check the condensate lines and any condensate pumps in the system
  • Check the outdoor safety disconnect
  • Test wired thermostat (if used) and remote control operation and replace any control batteries as needed
  • Start-up system and test operation in both heating and cooling mode.
  • Clean-up: We'll pick-up our tools, remove any old filters, and thoroughly clean our workspace.
  • Visit Report: We'll explain our work and document any potential problems or recommended repairs.
  • Prepare Visit Report: We'll explain our work and document any potential problems or recommended repairs.

If you'd like to learn more about our seasonal maintenance and tune up services for your residential or commercial central heat pump, call today!