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It's no wonder why traditional gas boilers are so popular among home and business owners who are looking to replace an old heating system, or to install something new. Gas boilers are reliable, efficient, and have a multitude of choices to pick from depending on your specific needs.

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At MN Heating and Air were boiler installation and replacement experts, and we've been doing business here in the Lake County, IN area for over twenty years. You can count on us for all of your gas boiler installation and replacement needs.


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Heat your home efficiently with a boiler this winter.
Building a new home? Consider installing a boiler system to heat your home all winter.
MN Heating & Air carries boilers from Burnham, New Yorker, and HTP


If you know you'd like to go ahead with a new gas boiler installation for your home or business were happy to help. We stock the most efficient boilers from Burnham, New Yorker® and HTP. One of our heating technicians can come out to your home or business, and help you decide which specific model would be the best fit for your space.

    If you are considering a system for your new home or business, you have a wide range of choices:

  • Distribution system type: hot water baseboard, in-floor radiant, or air handlers
  • Zoning: pump and zone valve systems
  • System venting: the products of combustion need to be vented safely to the outdoors. You can utilize a traditional masonry or b-vent chimney, or consider one of your new direct vent boiler systems that don’t require a chimney.
  • Traditional cast-iron heat exchanger, or more efficient stainless steel. Traditional cast iron boilers are floor mounted in a utility space, while new high-efficiency systems can be wall-mounted saving you floor space.
  • Efficiency: current gas boilers are rated at between 80% on 97% AFUE, which it the annual efficiency of combustion. The higher the efficiency, the lower your energy cost will be.

If you'd like to learn more about our boiler model options call today to speak with one of our technicians (219)-488-3845


If you already have a gas boiler system in your home or business, but it's older, inefficient, and having major repair problems, we would recommend a system replacement.

Hot water and steam boilers are traditional winter heating source. Heated water is produced typically with natural gas boiler and distributed to radiators, hot water baseboard, or in recent years, in floor radiant heat or zoned air handlers. Boilers make zoning easy, so that different areas of your home can be separately controlled with their own thermostat.

We offer the top gas boiler options from Burnham, New Yorker® and HTP. No matter what your home size and need requirements, we're bound to be able to offer you the best boiler model and type for your replacement. The new traditional gas boiler models available today are leagues ahead of those from a decade ago in regards to efficiency and effectiveness. If you end up going with a boiler replacement with one from our stock you'll be amazed at the increase in your home's comfort and utility efficiency.

Don't forget that at MN Heating and Air we also are repair and maintenance experts for all of your home's comfort systems. It would be forward thinking of you to talk to our technicians about our routine maintenance options for your new gas boiler replacement system, and if you end up needing emergency repair don't hesitate to call!

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