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Lots of home and business owners in the Crown Point, IN area are finding heat pumps provide efficient and effective cooling and heating for their spaces. Over the last decade heat pump technology has advanced in leagues and bounds, and we're proud to offer new heat pumps from Bosch, specifically the IDS 2.0 family.

If you're in the market for a new heat pump system installation, or central heat pump replacement, the Bosch IDS 2.0 family has different systems that will meet your needs, and blow your old system away in efficiency and comfort.

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Enjoy year round comfort with a new heat pump from Bosch
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For decades Bosch has been a leader in central heat pump technology. The newer IDS system family delivers unbeatable comfort, temperature and humidity control, and quiet performance operation. With four sizes (2 to 5 tons) of heat pump systems to choose from, we have the perfect system to fit your needs. The combination of an inverter driven outdoor unit combined with a variable speed air handler or a multistage variable speed gas furnace offers new choices for Lake County,IN homeowners and businesses.

IDS Light 15 SEER System

With the IDS Light, you get the efficiency benefits of the inverter system family at an affordable price. This system combines the efficient and reliable BOVB18 outdoor unit with our lower price point BVA15 PSC style air handler.

IDS Plus 18 SEER System

This IDS system provides a perfect balance of efficiency and comfort, and does not break the bank in cost. This system combines the efficient and reliable BOVB18 outdoor unit with our exceptional BVA20 two stage x13 ECM style air handler.

IDS Premium 20 SEER System

This IDS system is the top of the line in terms of effiency, DBA levels and comfort. You will also qualify for maximum energy rebates with the IDS Premium. This system combines our top tier BOVA20 outdoor unit with our exceptional BVA20 two stage x13 ECM style air handler.

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Do you currently have a heat pump system for your home or business, but are interested in replacing your current system we can help! MN Heating and Cooling has been providing Lake County, residents and business owners with all of their HVAC needs, including heat pump system replacement, for decades. If you don't currently have a Bosch IDS heat pump system, and your current heat pump system needs to be replaced, we have a variety of IDS 2.0 sizes ranging from 2-5 ton to choose from.

Heat pump systems are a great choice, but you need a company that is properly trained in their use and is fully committed to supporting this technology for your Crown Point home or business.

While heat pump systems are fairly easy to install, servicing them is another matter. Most Indiana installers of heat pump systems lack the tools, training, and experience that MN Heating and Cooling has offered for decades. If your ductless mini-split or ducted heat pump system needs service let us know. While we specialize in Bosch IDS heat pumps, we service all brands.